The weather is never very far from the minds of prairie dwellers.  Here are some annotated links to weather sites.  Note : these links are set for south-eastern Manitoba and some will need to be adjusted for other areas.


Environment Canada - Probably the least reliable forecast site we have available but it's the offical source.


The Weather Network - Forecasts are usually more accurate than those from Environment Canada.


Farm Zone - A specialized site from The Weather Network focussing on expanded forecasts for the agricultural regions of the prairies.  Be aware that this site changes servers for no apparent reason and you may have to go looking for it if it suddenly disappears.  There was also a site update that managed to lose access to some of the historical data and full functionality was never restored.


Manitoba Ag Weather - This is a great service from Manitoba Agriculture.  It does not provide forecasts but has an extensive set of valuable information from current conditions to cumulative growing season data for most of the agricultural areas of the province.  Take a little time exploring this site - it's worth it.


Ed Schreyer School in Beausejour - part of a school division wide weather info service.


American sites:

Theoretically the US weather service is not supposed to forecast into Canada but many sites do cover the southern areas of Canada.


Intellicast -  Good graphical representations of weather but the site is often changed and internal links disappear until you go looking again.  Particularly good for weather radar on systems moving in from the U.S. that aren't displayed by Enviro-Can.'s radar.  Also features 10, 30 and 90 day temperature and 10, 30 and 90 day precipitation forecasts.  These are cut off at the border but very easy to extrapolate.


For Specialists:

The following U.S. sites are most useful for people with some technical understanding of how weather works.  


Unysis - Unysis is in the weather software business not the weather forecasting business so their forecasts cover a good chunk of Canada.   The accuracy is far superior to Environment Canada over a few years of use.   This is the site we use daily -  particularly the NAM/Wrf and GFSx/MRF models.  Follow their explanations of the various models to avoid confusion.  Some models are updated twice daily but others are only updated once.  Please note that all times are given in UTC (GMT).  You will need to spend some time figuring this site out but it is well worth it.


NOAA Climate Prediction Center - This is the U.S. National Weather Service site.  We use it for the medium to long range forecasts.  Again, be prepared to spend some time.


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