Tech Notes

It is almost impossible to develop a site that works equally well with all versions of all browsers on all operating systems with all monitor resolutions.

This site was developed for a monitor resolution of 800 x 600.  It works at 1024 x 768 although some of the formatting is a little "off".  It is probably difficult to read at any resolution higher than that.  It has been tested on Windows 98, 2000 and XP with Opera 8.5 & 9.2, Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox 2.  It has not been tested on either a Macintosh or Linux computer although it should run on both.  It has also been tested on both dial up and high speed connections.

The site makes extensive use of tables that may render slightly differently in different browsers.  There are also some flash animations.  These are not critical to the use of the site and should work in about 95% of browsers.

If you have any problems not dealt with here, please let us know and we will try to address them.

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